Frequently Asked Questions

What is acid staining?

Acid staining is a permanent coloration process where a low acid based solution combined with natural metallic salts react with the lime present in the concrete. Whereas paint is just a coating for concrete and will chip and fade, acid stain colors are produced by a chemical reaction in the concrete, resulting in a permanent coloring of the concrete surface that will not chip or fade.

Will my concrete appear like the color shown on this web site?

Due to the different composition of concrete, porosity and several other factors, the stain may not exactly match the pictures shown. This ensures your job will be one-of-a-kind! We perform stain samples on-site when possible allowing our client to evaluate color options and make other adjustments to the concrete stain mix.

What Is Colored Concrete?

With Colored Concrete there are many colors to choose from. There are integral colors that are added at the batch plant in liquid form. The color range offers Light tans to reds, grey and blacks. There are also dust on colors available that are added to freshly poured concrete in powdered form. The dust on colors only color the concrete’s surface. Dust on colors provide many more color options.

How long will the staining last?

It will not wear off unless you wear off the top layer of your concrete because the stain is in the floor not painted on top of it. Typically, regular dust mopping and general cleaning practices will preserve the concrete sealer and wax coatings.

Will the stain produce a uniform color?

No, the stain will not overcome any color variance in your concrete. These natural variances are what give the marbling effect. A solid color stain can be used to achieve a uniform color, not acid stain.